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  • It is entirely up to the venue when they have a Have a Chat table. Designating a table for as little as one hour per week up to all day every day is fine. You know you’re customers better than anyone. Our vision is for every venue to offer a Have a Chat table all day every day. There are economic and social advantages to having customers share a table and chat.

    When you have decided, all you do is pop the sign we provide on a table of your choice on that day/s and time/s. This will let customers know it is a Have a Chat table.

    We believe that sometimes you have to just let things be, and it can take time for people to get their head around something new. All we ask is that you consistently designate a table when you say you will and let staff know what it’s all about. We offer Chatty Volunteers available to introduce the concept at your Have a Chat table if you let us know you would like one when you join the Scheme.

  • In a nutshell, it doesn’t. Chatty Cafe Australia is an ACNC approved Not-For-Profit Charity.

    The venue membership of $20 AUD per annum allows for

    • the provision to a venue of a pack of printed material to assist in establishing the Have a Chat table and venue membership in the Scheme.
    • The pack includes Chatty windows stickers, “Have a Chat” table signs, information sheets on the Scheme, Volunteers and other promotional material.
    • printing and postage costs; maintaining the website, and minimal administrative costs required of a Charity.

    We ask for this nominal fee to keep the scheme sustainable. We receive funding from Local Government grants we apply for that allow us to grow and improve how we run the Chatty Cafe Australia scheme.

  • When you search for a location, Google will search for venues from the centre of that area. For example, if you type in Melbourne, Australia  then click search, it will search within 5km of the centre of Manchester. You would need to increase the radius to find places outside of the inner city centre, or be more specific with where you are searching.

  • While we have now begun promoting Chatty Cafe across Australia in 2021 post Covid, there are still many parts of Australia with no venues yet signed up eg cafes, restaurants, clubs, pubs, libraries etc.

    If you think your local venue/s might be interested in joining the Chatty Cafe Australia Scheme, then please either pass the name and location of the café to us via our Australian contact page  and we will follow up with them, or request the venue to visit our website at

    We need local community residents to encourage venues to join – those venues  that are keen to support their local communities and customers are usually keen to sign up.

  • You will receive a very lovingly put together pack which contains 2 table signs, 2 A4 posters, leaflets,  door/window stickers and other promotional information

    You will also see your venue listed on this website and across our social media.

    Having your venue on the website means that more customers will find out about you and it shows you care about the community. You will also receive two email newsletters per year and instantly become part of a national scheme to increase social connections by reducing social isolation and loneliness getting  people chatting to each other in a safe comfortable place while they enjoy the delicious beverages and snacks or meals your venue provides!