Promoting Chatty Cafe across Australia

Chatty Cafe Australia, as a registered ACNC Charity, is guided by the Board of Directors and the scheme is delivered by the Chatty Team of staff and volunteers, promoting the concept across Australia in a range of ways.

This may include:

  • approaching local community-minded social venues independently to inform them of the Scheme and encouraging membership and adding the venue to our Australia map of Chatty Cafe venues
  • providing material to venue members to enable the easy promotion and set-up of a “Have a Chat” table
  • engaging local Councils who offer grants to initially fund local venue memberships ($20 AUD per annum) and engage volunteers
  • invite Chatty Volunteers to participate in the Scheme by sitting at venues if requested by the venue to chat to customers as the concept is introduced across communities
  • using social media platforms to provide information on the Scheme for those interested
  • acknowledging venues for their participation via social media – posting photos that venues provide of their Chatty Cafe activities
  • participating in radio and TV talk shows to discuss the Scheme
  • encouraging feedback from customers to improve the Scheme

“Have a Chat” tables are where customers can sit if they are happy to talk to other customers. Not just in cafes, but in pubs, restaurants, community centres, libraries, hospitals – anywhere that people can sit and chat over a coffee.

Our aim is to kickstart conversations, get people chatting to increase safe and respectful social connections within a community and possibly reduce loneliness along the way. Australian venues can sign up to the scheme here.

Volunteers please see the Volunteer link to inform us of your interest

Virtual Chatty Cafes

We can run online Virtual Chatty Cafes via Zoom if the need is there such as during emergencies like Covid 19 or other natural disasters or when many people are isolated by circumstance locally or all over Australia.  These Zoom sessions  last for 30-45  minutes with a maximum of around 10 people per Zoom and are for anyone aged 18 and over and we would look forward to meeting you!.

There is no set agenda – just an opportunity for a friendly chat and company.

To join (when sessions are made available) ,  access the Zoom link here .

Weekly Chatty phone calls

Weekly phone calls by volunteers can be arranged via already established Social and Council  networks and agencies when someone is experiencing loneliness and/or social isolation.

Social Prescribing is a new concept in Australia and Chatty Cafe is keen to support the referral of socially isolated individuals that our Chatty Volunteers can call every week, at the same time, for a chat, when they are unable to visit their local Have a Chat table or access the online Virtual Chatty Cafes when they are available.

If you are a social prescriber and would like to discuss this opportunity with us,  please complete a Contact Us form here