Chatty Café Australia relies on community support to grow its impact across Australia.

We aspire to align with Federal, State, Municipal, Corporate and Philanthropic partners who share our values of kindness, encouragement, collaboration and innovation to  drive positive change for people in the Australian  community. 

We work with partners and venues locally and nationally to help connect communities and increase social interactions. 

Partnering is a great opportunity to create awareness of your brand and the work you do to create a positive impact in Australia.

“I'm now very connected. I have a wonderful friendship group now thanks to Chatty…”
Chatty Café participant

Partner With Us

We are experienced in rolling out Chatty Café in local areas, retirement villages, commercial venues and community venues. Our partnerships follow a tried and tested method for creating successful Chatty Cafés in your area.

Maintaining a successful Chatty Café movement in your area does require ongoing commitment and support. However, the support is a worthwhile investment given the significant social benefits and its alignment with health and wellbeing objectives.

Corporate and Philanthropic Partners

Improving social connections and reducing loneliness is good for the well-being of our Australian community. Introducing Chatty Cafe in your local neighbourhood, across metropolitan, regional or rural Australia is a great way to achieve this.  We welcome your support and engagement and are agile in how that might be provided as a partner.

For potential Partners that might be interested  in supporting us we have an Expansion Project Proposal funding request at this link from August-October 2023 for sustainability funding for 2024.

Government Partners

We have received wonderful support in the form of grants from local councils and Victorian government. We are looking to partner with other States, Territories and Federal government to assist us to introduce Chatty Cafe across Australia. How? By encouraging a diverse mix of community and commercial venues to provide a community Chatty table, assisting customers to chat and connect if they choose. Building social connections and improving mental health! 

Learn more about our partnership with Bayside City Council and the Inner South-East Metropolitan Partnership, including the evaluation report, via the link below.

“I’ve loved seeing people still chatting HOURS later.”
Chatty Café venue
“We've expanded the demographic of people that come here - by far. That's the best. It's built our volunteer base. And the participants have feed into our other projects. Big success!”
Chatty Café community venue

Our Partners

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