Join the Chatty Cafe movement

Reach more customers and keep your community connected

We would love all community focused social and hospitality venues across Australia to participate in the Chatty Cafe Scheme to help prevent and reduce loneliness and social isolation across Australian communities.

IS MY VENUE SUITABLE? Venues include neighbourhood houses, community centres, libraries, cafes, restaurants, pubs, wine bars, retirement villages, aged care residences, churches, art galleries, farms, gardens and schools. The varied locations is limitless. 

WHAT WILL IT COST ME? Add your venue to take part in the Chatty Cafe movement for just $50 AUD or $25 AUD (ex. GST) per year, depending on which option you choose.

OPTION 1 – – Designate a “Have a Chat” Chatty table on set time/s and day/s to allow customers to chat with other customers. It could be as little as an hour a week on a chosen day or even all day every day! Venues are encouraged to set up the table with our “Have a Chat” promotional material provided on registration. A local Chatty Volunteer (recruited and trained by Chatty Cafe) to host the table is also a venue choice on registration. Great option for Community venues and some Commercial venues. ($50 AUD ex GST)

OPTION 2  – Promote our Chatty Cafe “Sip, Chat, Share, Care”  window sticker all day, every day on your venue window to encourage and welcome lonely and socially isolated customers to come in and enjoy the caring and engaged environment your venue creates. Choose this option if your commercial venue encourages staff to engage in friendly chatting with customers. It would also be helpful if your venue encouraged people sitting alone to share a table if they choose. No specific table or Chatty Volunteer required ($25 AUD ex GST)

“It’s uplifting watching people connect and develop friendship...”
Chatty Café venue

Why join the scheme?

Benefits to venues joining the scheme include:

  • Community recognition that you are a venue that cares for and keeps your local community connected, helps build social interaction and reduces social isolation
  • A  venue listing (national and local) on our website
  • Potential for increased footfall
  • Customers may stay for longer & purchase more, as they have somebody to chat to
  • Repeat business
  • The opportunity to attract more customers outside peak hours
  • Great promotional exposure via our website
  • Newspaper, Radio or local Council articles/items
  • Social media – initial profiling and following of your venue on our Facebook and Instagram sites -additional opportunities with tagging and provision of photos of Chatty events and customers (with their approval) as submitted
  • Boosting your corporate social responsibility participation by facilitating people coming together in your venue, in your local community, and keeping locals connected.
  • You will instantly become part of a national scheme to reduce loneliness and social isolation.

What do I receive?

For Option 1: Chatty Table ($50 AUD ex GST) Promotional Pack

  • 4 table signs to put on your designated “Have a Chat” table(s)
  • 2 A4 laminated posters allowing you to write table times/days
  • 1 x A3 laminated poster allowing you to write table times/days
  • 2 x 100mm Window stickers
  • 10 x brochures 
  • Welcome letter
  • [Optional] Opportunity to have a Chatty Volunteer host your “Have a Chat” table on a regular basis to welcome and support Chatty customers. They help kick start conversations and encourage more visitors to the table.

For Option 2 : “Sip, Chat, Share, Care” ($25 ex GST AUD)

 A promotional pack which contains:

  • One very attractive 150mm UV laminated glossy 1-2 year Chatty Café Window sticker to promote your venue. 
  • 10 Brochures in initial pack -more available as requested.
  • Welcome letter

How do the Chatty Tables work?

As the venue owner, you choose which table to provide and what time it is available for customers to connect and have a chat.

It could be as little as an hour a week on a chosen day or even all day every day! Venues are encouraged to set up “Have a Chat” table with our Chatty Café placing a table sign on it provided in our promotional material during your chosen day and time, in an easy to locate welcoming location in the venue. 

Using our other promotional material you can place the window stickers and posters on your venue window/s to assist customers be informed when they might want to come and join others to have a chat! 

“I’ve loved seeing people still chatting HOURS later.”
Chatty Café venue

Venue FAQs

If your question is not answered here just contact us and we’ll be more than happy to provide some personal help.

Chatting is such a simple concept but so important for mental and physical health. Loneliness can seriously impact a person’s sense of wellbeing and cause a range of disorders including anxiety and depression.

It’s easy to become a Chatty Café host just by adding your venue to our website for a small fee. Once registered we will post you a promotional pack and send other electronic information with everything you need to set up and maintain your Chatty Table. Click here to register

Chatty customers might be people on their own, in a couple, with a friend, carers, people with a disability, mums with new babies, students, parents with babies and kids, grandparents, people of all ages and from all demographics. Everyone is welcome!

We encourage you to promote your Chatty Table with your existing customers and display the promotional materials included in your pack. This approach often generates a positive, word of mouth style promotion within your community.

You should also post about your Chatty Table on your social media channels, to raise awareness of the day(s) and time(s) your Chatty Table is available. When you do post on social media, be sure to tag Chatty Café Australia (see links below) and use the hashtag #ChattyCafeAUS.

Facebook link: @chattycafeaustralia
Instagram link: @ChattyCafeAUS

Venues are also listed on our website and advertised on our social media and promotional materials. This provides great publicity for each venue. Local papers, radio stations and councils are often keen to promote Chatty venues – so it is worthwhile approaching them to see if they’d be interested in showcasing your Chatty Table.

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