2023 Community Achievement Awards for Victoria for Mental Health and Wellbeing

Congratulations to Semi-Finalist Glenys Reid, our very own Managing Director, on being nominated in the 2023 Community Achievement Awards for Victoria for Mental Health and Wellbeing!

Glenys has been the driving force behind expanding the Chatty Cafe Scheme into Australia. We think Glenys is wonderful – and we’re thrilled to see her dedication and passion for our local communities across Australia recognised! Thank you to 7NEWS Australia for partnering with Awards Australia to shine a light on volunteers and grass roots community initiatives making a positive impact in our local communities across Australia. Stay tuned to hear from Glenys on Seven Network‘s Sunrise breakfast show Wednesday 20th December and help us tackle social isolation and loneliness!

We are very grateful to our passionate supporter Kerryn Powell and Your Time Matters (Australia) for recognising the importance of social connection. Chatting is such a simple concept but so important for mental and physical health. Loneliness can seriously impact a person’s sense of wellbeing and cause a range of disorders including anxiety and depression.

Chatty Cafe Keeping Your Community Connected!
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