Join a Chat Online

We welcome people from all over Australia to join our ZOOM Virtual Chatty Cafes.For anyone aged 18 years and over – there is no agenda – just a friendly chat and company.

Bring a cuppa with you to “Have a Chat” in your home, garden, office, car or wherever! Stay connected!

Thursday Virtual Chatty Zoom Details

PLEASE NOTE: Chatty Cafe Australia is looking for  one or two Chatty Volunteer’s to share hosting these weekly Online Zoom sessions – please contact Tameka c/e if interested. This person could live anywhere is Australia as long as they have a strong, reliable  Internet connection and an interest in meeting new people and chatting!! 

Thursday Zoom details

Online Chatty Cafe Sessions every Thursday from 1pm – 2pm. 

Anyone over 18 in Australia can join, simply to chat to others.

Click the below link every Thursday to join your Chatty Volunteer

Weekly from 1pm to 2pm. (Melbourne, Victoria time) 

Email for questions or comments

Everyone is Welcome.
We look forward to meeting you!

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