We believe having a chat can
brighten your day
We believe having a chat can
brighten your day
We believe having a chat can
brighten your day
We believe having a chat can
brighten your day
We believe having a chat can
brighten your day

Join our community of Chatty Cafe venues and help connect your community – be recognised as a  Chatty venue that cares about your customers well-being by helping them socially connect.

One in three adults in Australia are lonely each week- Your tax-deductible donation  will help us reduce social isolation & loneliness “one chat at a  time”! 

Be a part of the Chatty Cafe movement by hosing a Chatty Table & help us to reduce social isolation & loneliness by supporting your local community to socially connect! 

What is The Chatty Cafe Scheme?

Wonderful to see Glenys Reid, Australian Founder and Managing Director of Chatty Cafe Australia, alongside our Board Director Sue Barrett on the Sunrise Breakfast Show this morning. Watch video here!

To help Chatty Cafe Australia keep making a huge difference to people’s lives we need your help. We want to expand from 200 venues to 2,000 or even 20,000 venues around Australia.

We are looking to connect with a Platinum Partner plus Gold, Silver and Bronze partners to support us! The need is great! 


Partner with us or sign up as a Chatty Café volunteer, venue host or donor.

Let’s prevent loneliness and social isolation together.

Chatty Cafe Australia – Keeping Your Community Connected!

The Chatty Café Scheme Australia , an ACNC approved health promotion and community welfare charity with DGR Tier 1 status, encourages all sorts of social and hospitality venues across Australia such as cafes, restaurants, clubs, pubs, community centres, libraries, churches, schools, aged-care residences, retirement villages, neighbourhood houses, hotels, clubs, wine bars and art galleries. 

 Option 1Community venues join the scheme to provide a shared Chatty Table at specified day/s and time/s, which is where customers can sit if they are happy to talk to other customers and “Have a Chat”. This adds to their program/schedule of activities. Chatty Volunteers, if requested by the venue, can sit at the Chatty table to help introduce the concept to customers and chat to them. We provide all promotional information necessary to set up this option. 

Option 2 – A simpler alternative for Commercial venues to join the scheme, promote the Chatty Cafe mission and their concern for customer wellbeing, is via a “Sip, Chat, Share, Care” Window Sticker (150mm) , inviting customers to come in and  provides the opportunity for Chatty customers to chat with staff and other customers at any available table in the venue during their operating hours (NOTE: no specific Chatty Table or Volunteer required). This option is not optimum for Community venues adding the Chatty event to their program of activities.) The promotional pack includes the window sticker, 10 brochures and a Welcome letter. 

This is a great video to watch which gives you a feel for how Chatty Café works.

How the scheme positively impacts the community

If you are a Community venue this is the opportunity for you to support your local customers to connect socially in your safe and comfortable location for a friendly chat – for a few minutes or longer -whatever suits the customer! Your chance to make a difference in your community and be acknowledged for it on the Chatty website and on social media.

 If you’re on your own, in a couple, with a friend, if you’re a carer with who you care for, mums and babies, dads and babies, grandparents and babies, young people, older people and anyone in between! Everyone is Welcome at a specific “Have a Chat” table or also at a “Sip, Chat, Share, Care” Chatty venue that supports the Scheme “all day every day” but has no specific table nor a volunteer facilitator.

For Chatty Customers keen to attend  a Chatty Table  on a  specific day/s and time/s (as selected by the venue) ,  this keeps communities connected and brings people together at a time the Chatty customer can plan around… everyone is invited! And at these Chatty tables, sometimes there is a Chatty Volunteer to welcome you, dependent on each venues choice. 

For Commercial venues that provide a welcoming environment for all  their customers “all day every day” and choose not to specify a particular table or volunteer, but  want to be part of the Scheme and care for their customers wellbeing, they can choose our “Sip, Chat, Share, Care” option

 This option provides a very attractive window sticker to inform customers they are part of Chatty Cafe, “all day, every day” and invites Chatty customers to come in and be part of their customer community to help reduce and prevent loneliness and social isolation locally. 

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