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Photo of Glenys Reid

Glenys Reid M.Ed GAICD

Managing Director

Glenys was born in Melbourne, Australia. She grew up in Canberra before studying in Sydney, travelling to Asia, and eventually ending up in the USA where she lived, studied and worked for 15 years. She now lives back in Melbourne in the beachside City of Bayside.

After experiencing an unexpected period of social isolation in late 2017, Glenys began introducing Chatty Café to Australia in late 2019, in an informal partnership with the UK Chatty Cafe office. The national bushfires in 2019 and current Covid-19 pandemic has made it clearer than ever to Glenys that Australia needs its local communities to be encouraged to stay socially connected to help prevent loneliness at all stages in life. Glenys believes Chatty Cafe Australia can help communities achieve that.

Mike Jensen


LLB, Bec (Hons), Grad Dip Industrial Relations

Mike has worked with the community to make a difference in people’s lives for a number of years. Initially as a founding member of the StandByYou foundation, a charity to provide financial assistance to people living with cancer, and then in other ways including supporting asylum seekers and helping to establish community gardens. Throughout his career in the corporate sector (initially as a lawyer and commercial mediator) he has focused on listening to people to understand underlying needs and enabling them to find creative solutions/ resolution.

Max Affleck


Max is a Director of The Chatty Cafe Scheme Australia and community and conversation are central to his life and career. Max has played many roles that support community and connection through corporate and for purpose organisations and initiatives. His expertise is in program delivery, design and management, as well as partnership development. An aspect of his work that Max is particularly passionate about is understanding the barriers to full inclusion and participation in society faced by his students, and supporting them to do so regardless. This focus aligns with Chatty’s mission, and is what drives his participation in the Chatty team.

Photo of Jill Harbrow

Jill Harbrow


Jill is recognised as a trusted advisor by all her clients, having successfully delivering multiple change programs both domestically and at international level focusing on: Change Management strategy and implementation, Change capability, Team leadership, Business Engagement, Executive advice and coaching.

Jill’s career spans Corporate, consulting and industry experience including Financial Services, Agribusiness, Retail and Distribution, Mining and Minerals, Public Sector, Automotive and Telecommunications.

Photo of Bailey Thomas

Bailey Thomas


Bailey is a Director of The Chatty Cafe Scheme Australia. Having almost completed her Tertiary education in Business and Arts from Swinburne University of Technology, with majors in Marketing and Environmental Sustainability, Bailey brings a varied range of experience to the Chatty Cafe Scheme Australia.

With a special interest in philanthropy, social justice and the environment, Bailey hopes to bring about positive change in our communities for a more inclusive, connected and sustainable society. Her experience working with not-for-profit organisations and community campaigns has led her to get on board The Chatty Cafe Australia team.

Photo of Sue Barrett

Sue Barrett


Science graduate from Monash University, Sue’s always been a champion for equality, climate action, integrity and the common good tracing her activism roots back to the 1970s when, as a teenager, she discovered feminism and David Bowie.

It surprises no one that she became a founding organiser for March4Justice and Voices of Goldstein, and Zoe Daniel’s campaign manager for the federal seat of Goldstein in 2022. Founder of Barrett and the Selling Better Movement, and a leading advocate for human-centred, ethical business, sales and leadership practices, Sue works with businesses and communities to raise awareness of our interconnectedness as a foundation for empathy, compassion, decency and ethics, which in turn informs our moral cognition – our capacity to ‘do the right thing’.

She encourages us to think deeply about how our decisions affect others and the planet, and how to take positive action and affect real change. In 2019, Sue published her book, ‘142 Days of Gratitude that changed my life forever‘, a treatise on the positive power of gratitude. She is an active sportsperson living in Melbourne with her family and is inspired by David Bowie, Rachel Carson, Kate Raworth, and Maria Montessori.

Our Team of Chatty Volunteers

Our amazing team of Chatty Volunteers stretches from Western Australia across to the East coast, at this point primarily in the Victorian Councils of Bayside, Ballarat and Mornington, as we grow Chatty Cafe across Australia.

These committed and energetic volunteers are the core of our Scheme – they provide a support to the venues as requested, to introduce the concept of Chatty Cafe to the local community by sitting at “Have a Chat” tables when venues first join up, to act as an “icebreaker” for customers to join the Chatty table and chat amongst themselves. Our volunteers also provide other support in administrative areas such as social media, scheduling etc. We look forward to growing our army of Chatty Volunteers over the coming months.

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