How to roll-out Chatty Cafe in your area


This Toolkit provides a starting point for those seeking to understand, or establish, a Chatty Café Project. It is a resource to promote and support  Chatty Cafe into the future.

The Toolkit:

  • Proposes core elements for establishing a successful Chatty Café Project
  • Outlines CCA operational processes
  • Shares insights from the Bayside Chatty Café Project experience and evaluation


Here’s a link to the toolkit: Chatty Cafe Toolkit



In 2020, Bayside City Council (local government authority in Victoria) funded Chatty Cafe Australia (CCA) to establish the Bayside Chatty Café project – a strategic, whole-of-municipality rollout of Chatty Café. The aim of the Bayside Chatty Cafe Project was to generate positive social and economic impact though increasing community connection.

Building on this, Bayside City Council (BCC) and CCA successfully applied for a grant under the Victorian Government’s Metropolitan Partnerships Development Fund, 2021-22 to enhance and expand the Project to incorporate local businesses in a COVID-19 recovery environment, conduct a detailed evaluation and prepare a Toolkit to assist other local governments to implement the Scheme.

The Bayside Chatty Café Project was funded by a grant from the Victorian Government’s Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions’, Inner South-East Metropolitan Partnership under the Metropolitan Development Fund (2021–22). We would like to thank everyone who contributed to the success of the Bayside Chatty Café Project, the evaluation process and informed this Toolkit.

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