Conversations to Connect podcast

Conversations to Connect

This is a new Campaign to End Loneliness (UK) podcast series on loneliness which has been created and produced by Fenella Hakwsley-Walker.  Each month the podcast will focus on different aspects of loneliness and connection.

The first episode kicks off with an introduction to loneliness from Robin Hewings, Programme Director of the Campaign to End Loneliness. Future episodes will feature contributions from a wide variety of speakers, commentators, academics, writers and artists who all share an insight into loneliness and social isolation.

Fenella is a linguist & Global Marketeer. She studied French and Spanish at the University of Nottingham and has lived and worked in Mexico, Martinique, Spain and France. Fenella was drawn to the topic of loneliness after experiencing it herself, whilst working in Paris and this led to an increased awareness and understanding of the profound effect it can have on your perception and experience of the world around you. She is an advocate for social inclusion and connection and currently volunteers for the Campaign to End Loneliness and This is Book Love.

The podcast is available on all the usual podcast platforms and you can also access it from the links below.

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