Middle-aged men are among the loneliest in Australia. What could help to change that?

A picture of male loneliness in Australia is starting to emerge — and experts are saying it’s much more widespread and complicated than once thought.

recent survey conducted by men’s health organisation Healthy Male found that 43 per cent of Australian men were lonely, with 16 per cent experiencing high levels of loneliness.

And the loneliest age group is probably not the one you’d expect, says Healthy Male CEO and director Simon von Saldern.

The pressures that ‘hit hard’ in middle age

According to Mr von Saldern, while it’s unclear exactly why the middle-aged group of men is the loneliest, there are several factors that could be relevant.

“We do know in the ages of 35 to 49, that’s where separations and divorce happen. It’s where work pressures happen. There’s a range of life occurrences that really hit hard in that age group,” he says.

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