What’s Chatty Cafe all about?

We recently featured on the Over 50 So What! TV show to chat about all things Chatty Cafe!

This is a great video to watch if you want to learn about Chatty Cafe and get a feel for how our Have a Chat tables work. Plus, the host Carol is a fabulous chatter – and makes this such a fun and lively video to watch.

Hear from:

  • Our Managing Director, Glenys Reid, about how Chatty Cafe works
  • One of our Chatty Cafe volunteers, Annie, about her role and the difference chatting can make
  • One of our participants, Bev, about her experiences with Chatty Cafe and why she joins in

Many thanks to our wonderful venue – Bay Road Nursery, for hosting us for this segment.

You can watch more of Over 50 So What TV Show, by:


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